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AMSOIL vs. Mobil 1:

AMSOIL set out to examine the specifics of the overly broad "Nothing Outperforms..." Mobil 1 claim. AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil (ASL) and Mobil 1 SuperSyn 5W-30 Motor Oil were analyed in five key bench tests measuring motor oil performance: NOACK volatility, flash/fire point, pour point, four ball wear and total base number (TBN). As Shown in the charts from the link below, AMSOIL outperformed Mobil 1 in ALL FIVE areas!

AMSOIL vs. Royal Purple Motor Oil:

Protection Against Wear - The Most Critical Component in oil protection!

The Four-Ball Wear Test (ASTM D-4172) evaluates the protection provided by engine oil under conditions of pressure and sliding motion. The size of the scar left as a result of the test determines the amount of wear protection the lubricant provides. The smaller the wear scar, the better the protection.

The ASTM-D4172 test results (see link below) reveals that Royal Purple 5W30, 5W20 & 20W50 causes nearly 3 times the wear scar when compared to AMSOIL.

Now let's see what is behind Royal Purple Formulation & how the technology compares with AMSOIL, which has half the wear scar as Royal Purple.

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